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SK Consulting was founded by media buyers and call center operators. We believe in empowering business owners by building partnerships that are based on trust, integrity, and communication. We leverage decades of experience in the industry allowing us to provide the best pricing and performance for our clients. Whether you are a publisher, media purchaser, or just looking to grow your business, let us tailor a strategy specifically for your company so you can start seeing results immediately.

SK works in multiple verticals and has access to many media purchasing options.

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Our Services


Lead Generation

Discover a new source of lead generation and drive growth for your business. Connect with customers actively looking to buy your service or product. SK will provide you with qualified leads with accurate contact data making prospecting frictionless.


Digital Advertising

SK can work with you to achieve a variety of business goals utilizing our expertise in digital advertising. We will implement the strategy to build brand awareness, grow customer acquisition, engagement, as well as retention when launching a new product or looking to increase sales.



SK will customize a marketing program across various online channels including websites, social media, display ads, search engine, online video, along with the use of influencers to suit your needs.


Leverage Your Data

SK recognizes your data as an asset.  We know your data has value. We can help you extract that value. Monetize the data you have through multiple channels. SK has a network of data resale partners that can add an additional revenue stream for your business.


Business Consulting

The SK management team can use their in-depth industry expertise to assist our clients on strategies and execution. We will offer insights,and recommendations that will assist in achieving their objectives and resolving challenges. Our mission for each client is to optimize performance and drive success.



SK can assist with providing alternative funding for your business. Financing rounds of all sizes can take up to 6 months to close. This can take away from the focus of management often when the funds are most needed. SK can streamline the process to get the funds you need faster.

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